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Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo is truly one-of-a-kind

mini-vintage-bluetooth-stereoBluetooth technology seems to have been around for the longest time already, and yet it does not look as though it has exhausted all avenues for device possibilities. While there has been Bluetooth stereo systems in the past, here is one that will definitely be worth checking out – as it has been updated to remain relevant in this day and age, in the form of the $49.99 Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo.

The Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo happens to live up to its name, that’s for sure, since it resembles just like the model from the 1970s, now how about that? In addition, to “contribute” to the overall theme or “mood”, the Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo will sport genuine faux woodgrain styling – now that is certainly an oxymoron that is worth mentioning. This will buck the trend of tiny Bluetooth speakers that come in a spherical or cube-shaped design, since it sports a totally different form factor from the norm of today. Being a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, it will feature Bluetooth 3.0 technology for its receiver in order to pair with a compatible audio device, and has a wireless range of 32 feet in addition to a 24″ long 3.5mm (1/8″) standard audio jack cable just in case there is a situation where you need to be hooked up.

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