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The Mini Travel Steam Iron smooths out potential deal breakers


When you’re traveling in a professional capacity, you have to look like you just walked off of a magazine cover. First impressions and how you maintain your presence are of utmost importance, and even though surface level looks shouldn’t factor into the business side of things, they most certainly do. Not having a pressed shirt might translate to potential business partners that you lack discipline and attention to detail.

 Making sure that you don’t leave anything to second chances, bringing this Mini Travel Steam Iron along on your travels will make sure no wrinkles walk into your meetings with you. Not every hotel carries an ironing board and iron, so it’s up to you to make sure that situation can’t make or break your trip. There are low, medium, and high settings so you can smooth out any issues on silk and wool or cotton and linen alike. This can switch from 220-240v to 100-127v for those who travel to Europe as well!

You’ll be able to go from dry to steam with the turn of a knob, and it comes with a measuring cup and built in stand. It’ll be able to hold 60mL of water at any given moment, and will cost you $22.95. You will still need to have an ironing board of some sort, but at least half of the equation will be dealt with. There’s always the collar press if most of your problems stem from that aspect of your garb.

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