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Mini Timers for your Ear

Ear Alarm

This is a bit of a weird one, a mini timer that you wear in your ear, the Mini Castle.

Mini alarm

Advertised uses include:

  • During mass transportation, alarming you not to pass your station and not bothering other passengers.
  • During driving, remind you not going to sleep or remind you taking a break.
  • During studying or take an exam.
  • During cooking or housekeeping to remind you soup is ready or it’s time to take care of something.

I reckon I’m missing something here, as I’m really struggling to see the point. You can get a Mini Castle for $14.99, found via our forums.

2 thoughts on “Mini Timers for your Ear”

  1. Al, this is actually really cool for reasons you haven’t looked at yet.

    Scientists spend their days looking at timers. When is my reaction done, when can I pull this out of the PCR machine? (when can I get ahold of a PCR machine). This is a fun convenient way to have timers and not bug anyone else in the lab (or confuse them that their timer went off too)

    Great find!!

  2. Incredibly this is a concept I came up with decades ago and in design discussions the entity that should have kept this in confidence obviously lacked moral values and transoorted the name and schematic renderings.

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