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Mini Talking Chewie

Do you love all things Star Wars? I think that it can be more or less agreed by the masses that having something that has been miniaturized or shrunken down from its original size will always look a whole lot cuter? I guess the same can be said for the $99.95 Mini Talking Chewie, where this diminutive sized Chewbacca will blurt out in an authentic Wookiee voice whenever you give him a nice, big hug. Of course, one ought to remember that the original Chewie in the movies stood at a rather massive 7 1/2’ in height, but this plush doll will be able to remain close to you when you sleep at night, making him the perfect thing to cuddle up to during those cold and lonely nights.
Each time you squeeze Chewie’s tummy, he will be able to express his appreciation in his native Shyriiwook language, which will comprise of growls and roars. Unlike Yoda, we are unable to know what he is saying, but one thing’s for sure – he sure as heck hates losing, whether over a game of chess or otherwise. Powered by one button battery, this is too cute to just buy without leaving it sitting at the corner of the bed.

1 thought on “Mini Talking Chewie”

  1. Pretty neat. I hate the Christmas passed before I found this toy as my boy is a newly minted Stars Wars fan. We checked out the whole series from the local library.

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