Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop

You know how kids have their own fair share of dreams? While some of them idolize sports icons to the max, others prefer something brainier. The former will definitely love to have the Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop in their homes, where this mini-basketball hoop will sport a 9″ spring-loaded rim which encourages spectacular dunks. We don’t suppose that kids will be the only ones who would love having a go at it, as those in suits and ties will also find it run to let off some steam after being shouted at by the boss. Meant for office doors or cube walls as well, it comes with a clear, shatterproof 18″ x 24″ backboard and a white square target that has been painted onto its surface for lay-ups and bankshots. As for its rear perimeter, the backboard is reinforced with foam padding to protect doors. Each $49.95 purchase comes with a 5″ diameter mini-basketball to get you started right out of the box. Best to get some heavy duty deodorant action going on there, considering how much sweat you’re going to have when going through a rather intense session.