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Mini Retro Popcorn Maker

Everyone loves sitting down to a good movie, especially when you want to unwind after a particularly difficult day at work. The thing is, movies do seem to be missing something whenever it lacks some popcorn as well as fizzy drinks on the side. Should you have invested a fair amount of money into your home theater system already, why not go the extra mile and top it up with the £34.99 Mini Retro Popcorn Maker?

This is a popcorn maker that will definitely roll back the years with its form factor, making you feel like you were a little kid all over again. With it, you are able to churn out mountains of healthy air-popped popcorn, all with a touch of 50s nostalgia. Not only that, once you are done making your very own popcorn, cleaning it up is a snap, coming in a fuss-free and easy to clean design. Sporting sleek looks with a classic red, white and chrome finish, it is definitely one kitchen appliance that you would not mind displaying on your tabletop.

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