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Mini On-The-Go Manicure Kit comes in handy during emergencies

mini-nail-dryerGuys are not too bothered about fashion, although that is a very general and broad statement. The thing is, we tend not to spend too much time on preening ourselves, and even less when we are married, but the ladies – now they take great pains (to the guys’ delight) to look after themselves, and the beauty regime varies from one sister to another, although having nicely polished and manicured nails tend to be high on the list of things to do. A manicure set might be just the thing for your lady for her upcoming birthday, but what if she is always traveling here and there? She will definitely thank you for picking out the £24.99 Mini On-The-Go Manicure Kit then.

The Mini On-The-Go Manicure Kit does what it is named after, where this is an on-the-go mini LED Lamp that is not only compact, but also highly mobile and a snap to use. It will work with just about any kind of nail polish of your choice, and since it travels with you, getting the job done in double quick time is of the essence, which is why it allows you to get your nails done in a matter of 60 seconds. All that you need to do is to paint on your favorite nail polish, wait for it to dry, apply the gel touch top coat and place your fingers under the LED Lamp, leaving it to cure for 60 seconds before wiping them clean with a cleansing wipe.