The Mini LED Camping Lantern

Mini LED Camping Lantern

Although you might not actually believe that there is even a remote need for a miniature camping lantern, this gadget is quite a bit more powerful than you might initially guess.  Being only slightly larger than the size of your average keychain, most would think it wouldn’t light up much more than a very small dark corner.  Surprisingly though, the seller claims that the keychain, when hung, can actually light up an entire tent.  Of course, I’m sure they mean your average smaller sized tent.  Not something like a circus tent, but still, that’s not too shabby.

The keychain can just easily clip to your keys just like any other keychain you already own.  In addition to being able to light up, it also has an emergency strobe mode when you need to draw a little attention to yourself.  When it’s running on a full battery, the light will work continually for 25 hours.  You can purchase it for $6.99 from Sahalie.

If you want something a little brighter that can light up the whole campsite, you should check out tactical flashlights. Some of them offer up to 1000 lumen of light which is way more than even your car headlights will produce.