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The Mini Desktop Canon – Can Really be Fired, and You can Too!


Its been a while since I worked in a cubical, but I remember it like it was yesterday… the irritating chatter from the guy to the left of me, the smell of the guy on the rights curried lunch wafting over the flimsy fabric walls. Yes, I would sit in my little cube devising ways to make them pay, If only I had known about this next item…

Check out the Mini Desktop Cannon, set all your fears of being fired (and arrested) aside, and bring out the heavy artillery. The Mini Desktop Canon is machined via computer, utilizes a stainless steel barrel and stainless steel hardware, and it has a black anodized aluminum base. Oh, and it really works.

This muzzle loading, black powder weapon packs quite a punch, and provides a very intimidating BANG for your buck.The Mini Desktop Canon fires standard .177″ BB’s with a fireworks fuse. The bore is so precise that wadding with anything is unnecessary and more bang and velocity can be achieved with your Mini Canon than with much larger bore cannons!

So if you’re ready to throw caution to the wind (don’t do that) and have a genuine weapon on your desktop to avenge yourself at work. (Please don’t say we told you to.) Head on over to¬†to get yourself a Mini Desktop Canon for about 34 bucks. Just remember to wear eye protection and never, EVER, aim this thing at a real person… no matter how much you want to.