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Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker

It is a well known fact that your average smartphone, no matter what kind of tech has been implemented within, is unable to pump out the kind of audio quality that you wish it could in a dream world. Perhaps you need some help from external sources? We have a potential candidate for you, where it will come in the form of this $34 Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker. This is definitely a mixture of nostalgia that goes up with a range of cute, where this tiny Mini Boombox iPod Dock will allow you to share your favorite music with anyone, everywhere. The Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker will play nice with majority of the iPods and iPhones that are in the market at the moment, but do take note that since it does not require any batteries, it will be sipping juice right from your handset or portable media player, so you might want to take note of your battery life in the long run. ]]>

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