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Minecraft Light Up Torch Brings The Virtual World To Our Reality

minecraft-light-up-torchWe have heard so much about virtual reality, and figure out how to make virtual worlds all the more realistic these days thanks to more and more powerful hardware lying around. On the reverse side, how about making the virtual reality side of things real in our corporeal environment? I guess this is where the £29.99 Minecraft Light Up Torch is able to stake (no pun intended) a place in our world.

Where there is light, all things from the world of darkness flee, or at least that is how the logic generally goes. With the Minecraft Light Up Torch, you can ensure that your home, when surrounded by these, would be able to prevent nocturnal monsters from spawning and causing a ruckus in the neighborhood. Not only that, it emits a warm yellow glow, with a luminance of 14, and can be mounted on the wall, too. Alternatively, you can have it sit on a table, or to carry it in your hand and wave it about at a concert. This is an officially licensed Minecraft collectible, so do not fret about being accused of purchasing bootleg or cheap imitation products.