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The Minecraft Gameband – game wherever you go

Gameband Minecraft
When you have a game you are wholly addicted to, you likely play it every day. Of course, if it’s not a mobile game that can go anywhere with you, it’s sometimes difficult to travel and still play the games you love. If you go off for business or visiting family, you have to go through installing and patching on a completely different computer, and that can take some time.

If you are an avid Minecraftian and don’t want to be forced to wait anywhere you go, then the Minecraft Band will save you loads of time. This is a USB wristband that will allow you to save and access your pixelated worlds anywhere in the real world (on a computer of course). It includes the Minecraft launcher and preloaded worlds, and saves the game locally and on the cloud.

In addition to giving you your game goodness wherever you want, there’s also a red LED display that will show pre-loaded or custom animations on the wristband. There are of course, some drawbacks to this $79.99 purchase. There is no console support, and the back up service for the cloud only goes on for a year, then will cost you $10 a year after that. If Minecraft is “your game”, then the entertainment value for this whole kit and caboodle could be worth it, if you don’t find a new favorite in the next year or so anyway.

Available for purchase on Gameband