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The Milk Frother Whisk – why pay someone else for air?


It’s funny how little things that bring us joy can be obtained at completely different price points. If you love coffee, you can buy grounds at a local supermarket in a 2 pound bag for less than $10 and be good to go for weeks, or you can spend $15 a day getting your fix at Starbucks. Obviously we would prefer to make our own brew at home, but variances in quality and additions are where we normally have a lack, which is why we turn to brick and mortar coffee shops.

While coffee and milk are delicious on their own, it’s hard to have espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes made at home without all the fancy metal machinery that places like Starbucks have. If you can’t live without a morning mocha, then why not get all the equipment to make it yourself? You will have to spend more on the initial investments, but it will certainly save you a pretty penny over time. This Milk Frother Whisk will only be one aspect of the process, but having steamy frothed milk is certainly an important one.

This is a device that uses 2 AA batteries to power a stainless steel whisk which adds turbulence to the milk to create a mountain of delicious froth. The frother is 9” long, meaning it can handle even the mightiest of mugs. This is going to cost you $10, and will only need batteries every now and again as 15-20 seconds of operation should be enough to achieve the desired effect. For those that just buy steamed milk and coffee at a cafe more often than not, this will save you quite a bit of money.

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