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This Milk Frother makes your morning mug magnificent

Capresso Milk Frother

If there is one thing that will turn your morning coffee into a masterpiece for your taste buds to experience, it is frothy milk. Everyone has their preference, but once you get used to steamed or frothy milk it’s hard to just put milk in your cup cold. Not to say we won’t do it of course, as we will always be more desperate for caffeine than anything.

If you’re starting to get finicky over how you like your coffee at home, then you’re likely looking for a way to get it just right with the least amount of effort possible. There are some great options out there for steaming, but they often require you to hold onto the pitcher for several seconds, and that is far too much work early in the morning. This Capresso Milk Frother called froth TEC is bound to make the start to your day slightly more pleasant. Well, if it does what it says it does anyway.

This will heat up to 16 ounces of milk, but can only froth 10 ounces, as you need room for the bubbly stuff. The heating disk is said to never scald milk, though time will put that to the test. There’s an auto shut-off for when you move the glass pitcher, and there are three illuminated buttons for cold, hot or warm to be used with the heating or frothing disk. This is going to cost you $99.99, and will hopefully be worth the lofty price for fluffy froth.

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