Mikey and Eyeball from Blue Microphones

It was too bad that Blue Microphone had their booth way in the back of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES. There were probably many that missed out on two of their newest and great products, the Mikey and the EyeBall.

The Mikey is an audio recording microphone that is designed to fit into the end of an iPod 4G, 5G, 6G, iPod Nano 2G, 3G, and iPod classic. It has three selectable microphone positions, as well as a built-in speaker for playback. The Mikey is capable of recording from up to 40 feet, which is perfect for college lectures.

The Eyeball is an excellent webcam that has a silver ball-shaped speaker with a pop-out webcam capable of recording HD quality video. The pop-out feature insures privacy as when the lens is out of sight, and is out of your mind. No more accidentally getting yourself caught on online film because you left your camera on.

The Eyeball and Mikey are just two of Blue Microphones’ fantastic products, as they are the designers of the Snowball, an award-winning product and number one selling condenser microphone.

All of the Blue microphone products are available now at such places like the Apple Retail Store,, and other major consumer electronic retailers. The Mikey is available for $79.99, and the Eyeball for $99.99.