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Miito might replace the electric kettle – waste not, want not


We’re becoming more and more aware of all the things we’re wasting. Gasoline, energy, water, and much more. Even when we find out how much and of what we’re wasting, we can’t but help but overuse things a little more than we should. Unless it becomes a dangerous situation, it’s easy to forget about how much of an impact several smaller instances can have on the whole. It’s the small things like overfilling your electric kettle with too much water that come into play.

There have been many attempts at trying to cut down unnecessary usage of pretty much everything, but it all comes down to only using what you need. This was the idea behind Miito, an induction-based method of heating your water. Instead of filling up a kettle with three cups of water to make one cup of tea, you fill your mug with the desired amount of water, place it on the base, insert the rod, and after a little while you’ll have boiling water.

Seeing that this will work for any container it will fit into, this will heat just about any liquid efficiently in bowls, cups, or teapots. It will cut down on your water and energy consumption, but it will be hard to break old habits.  This is currently in the design phase, so knowing a price point is just about impossible. This is a very sleek design with an Eco-friendly spin, so it will likely see production in the near future.

More information available on Miito, found via RedFerret