Miimo – Enjoy your summer, leave chores to the robots

Miimo robot lawn mower

If you manage to get some time off when it’s nice outside, you want to make the most of what little freedom you have. Sadly, this free time is normally used to take care of things in our personal lives that have been thrown to the wayside. This includes cleaning the house, running long overdue errands, and of course, taking care of the yard. Grass can get pretty insane if left alone long enough, but you don’t want to spend hours prepping and using an electric lawn mower when you could be lounging around, right?

If you want to pass these tasks on to someone else who can be reliable, then why not spring for a robot? We’ve seen robots that will vaccuum, wash windows, and do all sorts of other chores for us, so it should only follow that there’s a robot that will mow your lawn for you. Miimo is a polymer-bodied lawnmower that only needs to be set up to do its job.

Through an LCD display, you can set the timer and one of three mowing settings to get your lawn just right. If you’re a bit particular, you can also choose the height to be 20-60mm through the dial system. It uses a lithium-ion battery which can be recharged, and should it get below 30% it will automatically return to its docking bay to charge up. You’ll only need to set up boundary wires to tell it where to stop. It will put the clippings on the ground, so you’ll need to make sure it runs often enough to not leave too much of a mess. This is going to cost you around $3,070, so it will hopefully last for years to come.