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Mighty Sound Mug is actually a wireless speaker

mighty-sound-mugNow this is one particular mug that you are unable to drink from – in fact, it would be extremely averse to any kind of water, taking into consideration that this is not even a drinking apparatus in the first place, but rather, a wireless speaker. Yes sir, the £19.95 Mighty Sound Mug could very well be your cup of tea, pun not intended, if you are currently on the lookout for something that looks a whole lot different from the slew of portable, wireless speakers out there.

Available in a variety of colors, the Mighty Sound Mug will be able to work thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, where its quirky mug design will deliver great sound and will play nice with all other Bluetooth-enabled devices which are more than capable of music playback, of course. Hopefully no one would end up thinking that this is actually a real mug, and pour water into it as that would certainly bring the Mighty Sound Mug to a premature end. Setting it up is a snap – all that you need to do is to switch the mug on, and when the two blue lights begin to flash, search for it on your chosen device. It will be obviously named ‘Mighty Sound MUG’ – pair it up and you’re good to go. The internal rechargeable battery can be juiced up within 3 hours via a microUSB connection, delivering up to half a dozen hours of non-stop playback afterward.

There is the Cup of Mojo speaker that we have seen before, but this one trumps it in terms of design and aesthetics.