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Mighty Purse offers unprecedented protection

mighty-purseNot all purses are created equal, as some are rather more useful than a regular purse like the Plug Purse, so here we are with the £79.99 Mighty Purse that will arrive in either grey or black shades. What makes the Mighty Purse so special from other regular purses? Well, it has been touted to be the ultimate fusion of fashion and technology, being your added layer of “insurance”, so to speak, while you are outside, since the Mighty Purse will be able to afford you the opportunity to power up your dying battery while you are on the move, as it plays nice with all smartphones that have a microUSB plug, as well as iPhones. Of course, to add that touch of class and luxury, it is made from real leather as well.

The Mighty Purse is a clutch-style purse which will feature an integrated rechargeable battery which will arrive with its fair share of adapters in order to make sure that most of the modern day smartphones will be able to work with it without encountering any kind of issue whatsoever. The 4,000mAh battery within is good for 2 full charges of a smartphone, or you can use it to provide a mid-day boost to tablets. The internal zip compartment adds to its practical use, which will be accompanied by a pair of card slots.