Mighty Mini Speakers keep things lightweight


There are plenty of speakers out there in all different shapes and sizes.  So you might as well go for the smallest you can find in a shape that you enjoy.  These mini speakers are so small that they’ll easily attach to your keychain and won’t weigh your keys down much more.  Plus it can either show your love of playing guitar or just your love of the classic boombox.

Although these speakers are quite tiny, according to the seller, you’ll still get plenty of sound out of them.  Which is always one of the most important factors when choosing a speaker, for obvious reasons.  When these have a full charge they will run for up to  2.5 hours.  To charge it up, you’ll just need to hook it up to your computer.  It will play any device that can plug into its 3.5mm audio jack.  You can purchase one of them for £14.99 or about $25 from BBShopping.

Source: Technabob