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Mighty Boom Ball Vibration Speaker packs quite a punch

mighty-boomWhen it comes to speakers, there are many different models that are out there in the market, and it can be quite a headache for the newbie to take his or her pick. However, if you are on the lookout for something small and yet packs quite a punch – more or less punching above its own weight class, so to speak, then the $24.99 Mighty Boom Ball Vibration Speaker does seem to shape up to be a rather interesting proposition. What makes the Mighty Boom Ball Vibration Speaker special? Well, it has the ability to transform everyday items into booming speakers, allowing anything else that has a void to become a speaker.

Touted to be the world’s smallest vibration speaker, this particular model is able to fit into your pocket without missing a beat. Of course, your pocket ought to be reasonably sized in the first place, as long as it is large enough to tuck in a gold ball. Courtesy of its clever vibration technology, it is capable of projecting sound up to 20 meters away, whenever you attach it to any object with a void. This would definitely be able to let you see empty cereal boxes and car bonnets in a whole new light, and heck you might even want to turn your paper cups and lunch boxes into speakers. It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

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