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miFlower MP3 CompanionMore and more these days kids are getting MP3 players. Soon enough the two year olds will be listening to and watching their favorite shows on their 8G iPod, in high def no less.

If you’re crazy enough to get your 8 year old a new iPod, you might as well look into getting the miFlower MP3 Companion as well.

The miFlower will play your MP3 player through the built-in speaker. Don’t expect great quality, though, as far as I can tell there’s only one speaker and it’s probably pretty cheap.

There’s also glowing LED patterns (total of 6 in the petals), which would be cool when using it in the dark.

The only unique part about the miFlower, and it’s still not even that unique, is the fact that it will dance different ways depending on the music. So when listening to Mozart, the miFlower will move gently, but when the hard core rap is on, it’s going to be swaying. 😉

Other than that cool feature, the rest of the miFlower is pretty standard, a LCD display, on/off buttons, a clock display, and a light sensor. There’s no AC adapter, just use 4 AA batteries.

For the 8 year old MP3 player owning crowd, the miFlower seems like a fine choice for listening to your music from a speaker, the fact that it has LEDs in the petals makes it that much better. The miFlower is available from the Amazon for $25.