Microwave PC Case Mod

Microwaves are truly an awesome appliance. You could call them the epitome of the bachelor gadget, since so many unmarried men seem to rely on the device for all of their meals. We can’t say we’ve ever thought of using a microwave like this.

This excellent PC case mod makes your computer look like a stock-model microwave, complete with a cheap LED layout and a horizontally opening door. The window on the microwave has been ingeniously modded to act as the computer’s display, not to mention the microwave-themed desktop wallpaper.

The next time you head over to your microwave to cook up a cup of Ramen noodles, you might think to yourself, “What can I do with this microwave that would better fit my needs as a single nerd?” And then you’ll forget all about it and realize your noodles are getting cold.

This is definitly one of the coolest PC mods we have ever seen. And certainly the most visually accurate to the intended inspiration. If it weren’t for the icons on the desktop and the keyboard sitting in front of it, we might not even realize that this is a computer.

Source via Device Daily viaHacked Gadgets

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