MicroVision PicoP head-up display technology arrives in test vehicles

Technology in vehicles have surely come a long way from its early days until now, and we even have some sort of Heads Up Display in BMWs operating for some time already to help the driver keep his or her eyes on the road all the time, while gaining access to vital information at all times without missing a beat. Well, MicroVision might just be in on the next big thing with their PicoP head-up display technology known as PicoHUD, being implemented in test vehicles already.
This move, if it gains traction, might just end up with the commercialization of its PicoHUD technology within a mass production car model – perhaps targeted for introduction three years from now? MicroVision’s contract will see the automotive manufacturer and its Tier 1 supplier work together with MicroVision to roll out advanced HUD prototypes which will feature next-generation PicoP display engine that are based on direct green lasers.

These prototypes were specially developed for installation in early test vehicles, targeting specific upcoming models (boy do we wish we could get hold of such documents!) that are identified already on the automobile manufacturer’s production roadmap. Just what does MicroVision’s PicoHUD technology opens up? For starters, how about information such as vehicle monitoring, navigation, and radio controls sound to you? All relevant information will be projected directly on the windshield of a vehicle.
The main “engine” of the PicoHUD would be MicroVision’s PicoP ultra-miniature laser display technology which is capable of delivering a higher degree of design flexibility and programmability when you compare it against other technologies. The PicoHUD technology will result in head-up displays with industry-leading brightness, where it can be incorporated into just about any vehicle style without being hampered by space constraints.
Just which vehicle manufacturer do you think will be the one who will offer the PicoHUD technology?
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