Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is going to be free

It seems like a lot of MMO games are now free to play now, and it looks like Microsoft is making one of their classic games free with Flight Simulator.
It will become available this Spring, and the name of it has been curtailed to simply “Flight”. I’m not certain what requirements your computer will have in order to play it, but I really hope that it is capable of the rich detail that more recent Flight Simulator games have given us.
In fact, I still remember when I first played Flight Simulator back in the mid-eighties. It was one of the first PC games that I ever played, and the graphics looked about as good as the Atari 2600. It had an instruction booklet that was over 100 pages long, and the controls were not very instinctual. Still, Flight Simulator really changed the world of PC simulation gaming as we know it, and I’m sure that it has been a cash cow for Microsoft for many years.
By the way, those who are connected with a free Games for Windows Live account will be able to have additional content which includes planes, missions, and more. You can also get in-line purchases such as aircraft, regions, as well as customization options .
Well, I look forward to many “Flights” of fancy, as this game could be my next distraction for the spring.

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