Microsoft work on new Zune designs

Microsoft still has not given up on the Zune just yet, having just announcing a slew of designs – 46 in total that will be used with Zunes from the Artist, Zodiac and Tatoo lines. All the new art is created courtesy of artists from all over the globe.

Zune, Microsoft Corp.’s end-to-end music and entertainment service, today added 46 new designs from leading artists to its customization Web site,, for the holiday season. For those looking to customize a Zune player for themselves or as a personalized gift this holiday season, the new Zune Originals designs include a Zodiac Series featuring exclusive artwork of Eastern and Western astrology from Catalina Estrada and Iosefatu Sua. An expanded line of regular Zune players, popular Zune accessories and Zune Marketplace gift cards are also available for purchase through just in time for the holidays.

I guess these will only be appealing to all five of you out there who have placed the Zune as your must-have gadget this Christmas.

Source: Zunerama

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