Microsoft Windows… Literally

Take a look out the closest window to you right now. What do you see? Odds are that it looks nothing like your PC’s desktop, unless you took a picture of the scenery yourself and placed it as the desktop design manually. How would you like to make Microsoft Windows a more aptly literal translation of the word itself?

Designed by John Nouanesing, the Fenestra 3.1 Window replicates the background of your Windows Microsoft machine. Microsoft, where everyday is a sunny day! While Nouanesing might be a little behind in the times with this design, he promises an XP (still behind) version is on its way.

For now, these Fanestra Windows are still in the conceptual stage, but the designer promises that by the end of the year they will be available for purchase from his website. No word yet if there will be a similar blue screen version, which sadly enough, would make sense.

Source via Trend Hunter