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Microsoft Surface Hub teases us with the future of group collaboration

ms-surface-hubSurely you know that a company the size of Microsoft does not concentrate solely on software alone, as there is also money to be made where hardware is concerned. Having said that, here we are with an interesting device from the people who brought us the Windows operating system – and we are looking at something that is far larger than the ordinary Surface tablet. I am talking about the uber large Microsoft Surface Hub.

One will be able to unlock the power of the group with Microsoft Surface Hub, which is a powerful team collaboration device that has been specially designed in order to advance the way people work together naturally. Arriving later this year in a couple of sizes, with 84” being the largest model, it offers a creative manner to create and brainstorm with others in the team.

No longer should working together be boring and full of struggles and quarrels, but rather, make it the most productive part of your day with the Microsoft Surface Hub as you share your ideas with others on a digital canvas that is large enough to handle whatever you throw its way. Teams can come together in a manner that feels completely natural, without getting the feeling that technology is intruding. The OneNote whiteboard would allow one to share ideas on an infinite canvas, paste and annotate content from other apps, as well as bring in remote participants into the brainstorm. It features ink that is so fluid and responsive, it feels just like a pen on paper. Even better yet is the ability for two people to ink at the same time.

Not only that, the Microsoft Surface Hub changes the meeting experience in a manner where you can simply walk up and join a Skype for Business meeting with but a single tap, as well as share content effortlessly, allowing you to connect with people rather than with technology. The future of the meeting room is about to arrive with the Microsoft Surface Hub.

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