Microsoft SideWinder X6 keyboard

Microsoft has taken the opportunity to announce the SideWinder X6 keyboard at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, adding yet another member to the venerable SideWinder line of gaming peripherals from the software giant. It seems as though Microsoft Hardware laid low for quite some time, and the SideWinder name has not exactly lighted up the gaming world for some time already, so hopefully the X6’s debut will change all that. This is touted to be the most versatile gaming keyboard on the market thanks to the pioneering switchable key pad which can be attached to either the left or right side of the keyboard, catering for both left- and right-handers.

The switchable keypad itself is useful for ordinary, everyday tasks, depending on which hand the user is more prone to using. When used for gaming, however, it’s value cannot be undermined. The switchable keypad enables gamers to record up to 90 macros PER game, thanks to a set of dedicated macro keys that accompanies the fully programmable keypad. Instant mode switching allows gamers to move between an Excel spreadsheet and their favorite game in a snap, and the modes are differentiated through the LEDs displayed. The inclusion of automatic profile switching makes it possible to detect the current application, applying the custom profile in an instant.

Some of the features found on the SideWinder X6 keyboard are :-

  • New Cruise Control feature continues an action without having to hold down the key or keys assigned to the action. Gamers can use Cruise Control with up to four keys at a time.
  • In-game macro record button lets gamers record any sequence of keystrokes – even standard chat messages. Macros are stored on the PC hard drive and can be easily shared.
  • WASD gaming keys, the most commonly used keys for gamers, have front-face lighting for enhanced visibility.
  • Quick-Launch key gives one-touch access to Windows Vista Games Explorer, allowing gamers to

The SideWinder X6 Keyboard will hit retail shelves this September for $79.95. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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