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Microsoft rolls out first iPhone app

How is this possible, you ask? Well, stranger things have happened, so it is no surprise to hear about Microsoft releasing its first iPhone application. Could this mean that Microsoft is more interested in a rival platform compared to its own Windows Mobile? You can’t tell for sure, but the Seadragon application for the iPhone is a “free image-browsing app that allows users to quickly “deep zoom” images while online”, showing off to users the possibilities of a mobile platform. A little bit of history class first – Seadragon is known as the backbone for Microsoft’s Photosynth, where the latter enables users to take a group of photographs while stitching them together later on into a faux 3D environment. Word on the street also has it that Seadragon won’t be the first or last iPhone app by Microsoft, as they might be working on a voice-activated search engine as well.

Source: CNET