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Microsoft browser market share drops…again

Microsoft looks set to lose the battle of the browsers in due time, with the latest results of browser market share being broken down into the following :-

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer – 58.50%
2 Firefox – 18.94%
3. Netscape – 11.63%
4. Google Desktop – 4.01%
5. Mozilla – 3.05%

That’s pretty much a 6.96% drop compared to the corresponding period last year. This is where the strengths of a free market comes in – people get what they want, always keeping the manufacturers (software houses in this case) on their toes as they try their level best to wrest users away from one another. Image courtesy of TechTracer.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft browser market share drops…again”

  1. Internet Exploder is slowly and surely dying a well-timed death, as deserved! That excuse for a Browser is lame, has more security holes than a sieve and considering that MS stole many of the features from Mozilla, the end result is obvious.
    People today are more informed and educated and know full well what kind of bug infested garbage Microslop puts out, so Mozilla Firefox is the Browser of choice, for those in the know!

  2. Internet Explorer is like using AOL for an internet provider, just dumb. This survey is bit skewed though. Mozilla produces Firefox and Camino browsers. Is Google Desktop a browser?

  3. On CG our stats are:
    IE: 50%
    FF: 40%
    Safari: 7%
    Opera: 1.6%
    Others: the rest

    Which I’d expect as we have more tech savvy readers.

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