Microsoft announces the Kinect, formerly Project Natal

It has been a full year since we first mentioned Project Natal. That was at last year’s E3, and at this year’s E3, Microsoft finally unveiled the Project Natal as the Kinect.

As in Kinect to the Xbox 360 and use an RGB camera, 3D depth sensors, and multi-array microphone for a serious motion controlled game that does not require a white stick.

I am here for E3, the big video game in Expo in Los Angeles. The moment that I checked into my hotel room, I saw some sort of decal on my bathroom mirror that said: “All You Have To Do is Be You”. Then I saw the decal in the corner saying Kinect. At that point, I had no idea what the Kinect was.

I swear, the housekeeping staff must have put on that decal just before I walked through the door. I swear that Microsoft just officially announced the Kinect minutes ago, a few blocks away.

You had better expect the Kinect to be in household by Christmas. I believe that they already have over 15 titles ready to go for this, including a Star Wars game and a Dancing game that does not have a spotted matt like Dance Dance Revolution.

This could be the beginning of a new age of gaming. We shall see.


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