Microfiber-Lined Ties – clean up your act, and your smartphone screen

Waltman Co Microfiber Neck Tie

While it’s not a huge issue, we are all a bit self-conscious about having a dirty smartphone screen. Every commercial we see makes it look like these sleek glass phones are going to stay glossy and clean forever, but that is never the case. We get smudges or smears from the oil on our skin or actual food and drink splotches on them, and have to hope that part of our wardrobe is clean enough that it won’t just mush it around the screen.

If you wish you always had a clean piece of cloth to shine your smartphone or glasses on, and happen to regularly wear a necktie as a fashion accessory, then the Waltman Co. Microfiber-Lined Ties might be for you. These are 100% pure silk ties that have microfiber tipping, which means you’ll always have a way to remove messes on your glossy glass surfaces.

If you’re the type who thinks ties are pieces of cloth that other than serving an aesthetic purpose have no usefulness, this may be the door to a new look for you. Form and function combine into one through an attractive piece of fabric that comes in a variety of different designs. One tie is going to cost you $25, but the fabric, width, and length may vary from tie to tie. It is a tad on the pricey side for one tie, but if you’re in an environment that demands this sort of attire, then you may as well spend more and get more use out of it.

Available for purchase on startuprounds