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These Microfiber Dusting Slippers clean while you walk

Microfiber Dusting Slippers

When you live at the speed of light, cleaning is not exactly the highest on your priority list. Work, making sure food hits the table, and getting the trash to the can are bigger concerns than the dust and crumbs that are accumulating…everywhere. While a Roomba can do wonders, it still doesn’t pack quite enough punch to get everything in the house.

If we spill something small and are wearing socks, we’ll just mop it up with our feet and feel accomplished. These Microfiber Dusting Slippers are meant to mop up any icky junk that gathers on the floor, which means you can scoot around the house and feel like you’ve done something meaningful with your life! You can wake up in the morning, spray the floor with cleaner and gradually make your way around the kitchen as you prepare your daily dosage of coffee.

Should you be ready and willing to throw your money at the screen, there’s some information you might want to be privy to. The soles of these things are detachable so you can throw them in the wash, and they come in a variety of pattern and color options. They’ll fit women’s shoe sizes from 6-9, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you have feet bigger or smaller than that. These only cost around $8, so they’re not going to break the bank, and it’s an easy way to feel like you’re doing something when you’re actually not really doing much of anything. Also, be prepared to pull gross hair balls off of the little tendrils of this thing.

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