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Microchip Pet Door Connect opens up new possibilities in your home

petdoor-connectSome of us treat our pets like a member of the family, and most of the time, the most common animals to get such royal treatment would be cats and dogs. Fish? Not so much, although they are very pretty to look at if an aquarium is properly taken care of. Pet product specialist Sure Petcare has come up with a unique idea for dog and cat owners all over the world in the form of the Microchip Pet Door Connect, touted to be the first app-controlled pet door of its kind in the whole world. When used in tandem with the “Sure Petcare” app, the Microchip Pet Door Connect will enable pet owners to control the pet door remotely using their smartphone or tablet. In addition, pet owners can also get a quick look at their pets’ activity and habits on the move.

 The Microchip Pet Door Connect will work with what is known as the Hub, where it will wirelessly hook up to the home router so that pet owners are able to keep tabs on their pets, controlling just when their beloved furkids will be able to come and go via the Sure Petcare app. For instance, it can tracks a dog’s behaviors so that the owner will be able to gain an insight into their normal everyday habits, empowering them to figure out just what is normal and what is not. It makes use of microchip-reading technology, allowing the Microchip Pet Door to unlock itself only for the resident pet(s) microchip or RFID-collar tag, hence guaranteeing that any other unwanted animals will remain out of bounds. Kind of like a smart collar, right?

The Microchip Pet Door Connect will come with an asking price of $200, where topping up another $65 will net you the Hub for complete control.

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