Microchip Activated Pet Feeder makes Fido more independent

microchip-feederHaving a pet would mean being responsible for its health and overall well being, and this includes feeding it the recommended amount of food daily. However, there are times when we actually need to be away from the home longer than usual due to an impending deadline at the office, what are you to do to make sure that your pooch or kitty does not get hungry? Self-feeding machines that work using a timer might be a good idea, but the $79.95 Microchip Activated Pet Feeder could be more practical.

Basically, the Microchip Activated Pet Feeder happens to be a lidded pet bowl which will automatically open only when the intended pet approaches, which means that other dogs or cats in the house will not be able to obtain the food there. The included microchip tag would be attached to the pet’s collar, where it will transmit an infrared signal which opens the lid of the bowl whenever the pet comes within a 2′ distance. As the pet walks away, the lid will close. The microchip within happens to be a water-resistant, locket-sized plastic case which will not interfere with the pet’s normal movements. This might not be a good idea with breeds like the Labrador Retriever as it figures out quickly that being near the bowl would equal to food, and knowing its appetite, your food might not last it through a single meal time.