Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player

microsportWhich is the smallest MP3 player that you’ve come across? Most people would say the iPod shuffle, while others will rememeber of the MobiBLU Cube fondly. Well, the Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player clearly lives up to its name, redefining the word “tiny” and bringing it to new heights (or should we say, size?)

The Micro Sport Player is two sugar cubes worth of electronics into which somehow is crammed 4GB of memory and a rechargeable battery. Amazingly this tiny player features full stereo sound. One earbud is attached directly to the side of the main unit, while the other earbud trails on a cord around the back of your head, just reaching the opposite ear. Loading music is incredibly easy. Simply plug the Micro Sport into the USB port of your computer. It mounts like a USB thumb drive, and you simply copy over any MP3 files you want to play.

ThinkGeek is carrying it for $89.99 – pretty hefty price considering the paltry amount of storage space that you get, but at least you know your money went into the miniaturization of things.