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Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser does a thorough job

micro-foaming-cleanserMost of the time, before we retire for the night, it is time to actually wash up our face as we take our bath in order to make sure that we are as clean as a whistle before waking up to meet the rigors of the next day. Using a regular facial cleanser solution with your two hands is something normal people do, but with the $249.95 Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser, you know that you have something totally different on your hands – based on the description of the name alone, that is.

This facial brush will boast of a unique soap compartment that froths cleansing products into a lush micro foam, which in turn penetrates deep into pores and cleans 20X better compared to washing by hand. Such a three-in-one tool will prime the skin first for cleansing using a warming plate which will then help distribute makeup remover, loosen foundation, and open pores. Following that, the device merges the soap of your choice with water, with the help of a couple of motors to whip up a more voluminous lather than is possible with fingertips. Following that, a soft brush head rotates and vibrates to apply the micro foam with a more consistent pressure compared to bare hands, which will help the soap penetrate more deeply, as it removes more dirt and oil, and exfoliate more thoroughly.

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