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The MiClimate makes outdoor summer activities bearable


We curse the cold of winter for endless weeks, but when summer shows up we’re less than thrilled with how hot it gets. While the idea of running under the summer sun with a light breeze is the ideal situation, that only actually happens maybe four times. When whatever outdoor activity we do is over, we dash for the car to sit in a colder environment and let our bodies cool down.

If you hate to be sweaty and wish that being scorched alive didn’t take away from your summer fun, then the MiClimate will certainly improve your situation. This is a compact personal air conditioner that will give you a micro environment that no one will know about but you. It’s a belt with air vents that shoot cold or warm air up under your jacket from the climate control system.

It’s ergonomically placed with a Bluetooth remote control so you can adjust your temperature on the fly. It only weighs 1.5 pounds, which is much less than the initial patented technology from the US Navy that the creator got a license from. While the crowdfunding campaign has already ended, they’ll be available in October and will likely cost you aroundĀ $500. They’re hoping this could help the elderly, motorcycle enthusiasts, medical professionals, and more.

More informationĀ on indiegogo