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Mickey Mouse undergoes a transformation

How many ways are there that Mickey Mouse can be monetized? Apparently the boffins at Disney have yet to exhaust all avenues, as evident by this new Transformer toy from Japan that features Mickey Mouse in a robotic form factor. As usual, with Mickey being the de facto leader of the pack from Disney, he will take over the role of Optimus Prime, great leader of the Autobots in the classic Transformers cartoon. On display at the Tokyo Toy Forum 2009, the Transformers Mickey Mouse will definitely cause parents to scratch their heads, wondering why can’t toy companies leave their kids alone so that they won’t have to spend so much money to keep the little ones happy. I remember when I asked for some toys during my younger days, my parents either booted me out of the home to spend the day outdoors with my imagination or throw me a paper and some color pencils. If you’re adamant on getting your hands on this toy, look out for it this February as it retails for $38.57 a pop.

Source: Slippery Brick