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Michonne’s Katana lets you cut your way through the crowd

michonnes-katanaWe have seen some replicas or props of the Walking Dead characters before, including Merle’s Knife Hand that has made short work of many a wandering walker, not to mention keep the living at bay and on the alert, too. Another person who is very handy with slicing (and presumably dicing if she were not to end up in a zombie apocalypse) would be Michonne, where she yields her trusty $24.99 Michonne’s Katana that lets you role play as the femme fatale.

Of course, one would need to take into consideration that this is but a replica, and is not meant to be a weapon that can kill. Just make sure that you would be able to have the kind of mad skills that Michonne displays in the Walking Dead TV series, otherwise there is no more sorry a sight than that of a person who is unwieldy with a sword, or a katana, in this particular case. Reproduced in ABS plastic, it comes with a scabbard and boasts of all the gorgeous detailing of the original, ranging from the tsuka ito (handle wrap) to the saya ito (sheath wrap), its triple crescent symbols on the blade itself, as well as the triquetra designs on the pommel.

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