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The Micaton Magnetic Screw Driver will hold your screws straight and true


If you’ve ever had to do any home building projects, then you have undoubtedly used a screwdriver. Some of the things you’ve likely done with said tool is strip the screws, ruin the wood, and drop the screw before it takes a grip into the surface you’re affixing it into, thereby letting you jam the screwdriver into what was previously a spotlessly clean surface, with nothing to show for it. If you’d like a little help preventing all of that, you’ve got to know there’s a gadget out there for it.

You don’t want to buy a completely new set of tools, which is why the Micaton Magnetic Screw Driver is pretty sweet. This is a set of screw holder devices that use magnets and rubber that you will attach to the end of your bit so that the screw will stay steady in place. These are independent, interchangeable, and color-coded for the various sizes they’re meant for.

Using the Micaton means you don’t have to line up the screws, worry about it falling off, or moving around once you’ve got it on top of where you want it to go. Paying $12 will get you a set of these for the complete range of sizes that will fit just about any screwdriver or bit. Of course, with the holidays coming up, you could always pay $6 more and get two sets for that special handyman or woman in your life.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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