miBook Digital Instruction Booklet

Every once in a while, you need more help than just a step-by-step instruction booklet. No, you need to have something that literally shows you how to do something with video footage.

This why people need something like the miBook. There really isn’t anything new about the design of this product, it is a simple PDA with a seven inch touchscreen.

What is unique about the miBook is the way it is being marketed. A recent Circuit City ad showed the MiBook as a kit that includes Two Food Network Cooking Titles. I believe the MiBook is designed to be some type of digital instruction booklet with helpful video footage.

I got to admit that a device such as this is a long time coming. The other day, I was trying to do something on my computer and I couldn’t figure it out to save my life. If someone were to put the instructions on a MiBook, that would have helped me immensely.

The miBook costs about $130, but does not come with any on-board memory. It is compatible with many models of memory cards, and supports both MPEG and MP3 audio formats. The miBook can even be used as a digital picture frame if you don’t want to put instructions on it.


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