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Metal Core Door Decals add some Sci-Fi décor to your home

Many of us have spent countless hours watching various Sci-Fi shows in our past. Whether it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, or any other number of shows, you always feel like you’ve been transported to another time and place. If you’re like me, you’ve also wished that for just a while, you could actually immerse yourself in one of those futuristic fantasy worlds. Well now you can add a little something to your home that will give it that science fiction feel.

The Metal Core Door Wall Graphic Decals are the perfect way to turn your spare bedroom into a futuristic laboratory. Or maybe that hall closet is really a freight elevator that leads to an underground bunker. Okay, so you’ll still need a healthy dose of imagination for these, but they are still pretty cool.

Each one measures 32” x 80”, which is large enough to cover most standard doors. You’ve got your choice of an Airlock, Armory, Freight Elevator, or a Lab Door. Once you make your choice, you’ll just need to unroll the decal, and affix it to the door of your choice. It used a low-tack adhesive to stay in place, which is great, because you can actually take it down and reuse the decal elsewhere, without needing to do anything else. If you want one of these for your home, you’re looking at a $60 investment for each one.

Source: NerdApproved


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