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Messless Indoor Snowball Fight “works” as advertised

indoor-snow-fightWinter is coming for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and for certain areas, there will be the wonders of snow to dive into. You can always enjoy yourself with family and friends by building a snowman, but why not take things one step further by engaging in a snowball fight? Those might end up as one of the more memorable moments in the long run, but they do leave quite a mess. If you would like to enjoy a snowball fight without the mess, then the $29.95 Messless Indoor Snowball Fight would certainly make plenty of sense.

The Messless Indoor Snowball Fight happen to feature puffy and plush snowballs, except for one very important fact – none of it will result in slush-soaked walls and carpets from the real deal, making it perfect for a snowball fight behind closed doors, regardless of what season it is at that point in time. All 30 of these picture-perfect snowballs happen to be made from 100% polyester plush, and not only that, they are machine washable and dryable. Being soft to the touch, they also come with a satisfying “crunch” texture whenever it is squeezed, similar to the real thing. I do wonder whether it will jive with the Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow or not though.

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