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Messless Deep Fryer makes life a whole lot cleaner in the kitchen

messless-deep-fryerWhen it comes to eating food, more often than not, the one that is not good for your health tends to be a whole lot more tasty than what is supposedly beneficial to your health, and just like other things in life, the difficult tasks that no one wants to do tend to be the very same actions that are used to solidify your character in the right direction. If you love eating fried food, but are not too keen on cleaning up after that, perhaps it would bode you well to check out the $199.95 Messless Deep Fryer?

The Messless Deep Fryer happens to be a deep fryer with a difference – it will be able to filter as well as drain the cooking oil into an integrated removable sealed bin, resulting in delicious, mess-free fried favorites for all occasions. The fryer will boast of an advanced 1700-watt heating element that delivers the ideal frying temperature (374° F), which in turn minimizes oil absorption so that it can deliver restaurant-quality French fries, chicken wings, and tempura-battered vegetables. What sets it apart from common fryers? It is able to turn the handling of oil from a cumbersome and messy chore to an easy one, thanks to its integrated automatic system that filters, drains, and stores the cooled oil, so that it is clean enough to be reused. The cooking reservoir can hold up to 14 cups of oil and up to 2 2/3 lbs. of food.