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Merle’s Knife Hand makes this Halloween all the more sweet

merlesknife-handIf you have absolutely no idea at all as to what The Walking Dead is all about, boo hoo – perhaps it is time to skip this particular story on the $24.99 Merle’s Knife Hand, and look at other items. We have looked at Daryl’s Crossbow not too long ago, so to see Merle’s Knife Hand being put on sale, too, is definitely something interesting to check out. Fret not about being dissed that this is some sort of cheap purchase off the street, as it is a plastic prop replica of Merle Dixon’s prosthetic arm with bayonet, and you can sleep well knowing that it is no ripoff but an officially licensed piece of AMC’s The Walking Dead merchandise instead.

This is Merle’s signature accessory from the TV series, but thankfully, you will not be hacking anyone’s head off anytime soon, since it is reproduced in ABS plastic and will feature adjustable faux leather straps as well as a reproduction Mauser bayonet which can slide in to have it stick into and getting pulled out of zombie skulls. Definitely the perfect prop for any fancy dress costume parties, don’t you think so?

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