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This Memory Foam Lap Desk and USB Lamp make leaving your bed impossible

USB Lamp Lap Desk

There are some days where getting out of the warm spot in your bed is just too much to handle. Thankfully, there’s usually a day or two in a month somewhere that you don’t have to leave the sheets if you don’t want to. Just because you have a day off though doesn’t mean that there aren’t still things to do. Since you have the benefit of being an adult however, you can work around staying in bed and being productive.

Your laptop can go wherever you do, though having a flat surface to work on is ideal. When lying in bed the sheets retain the heat from your computer and you start feeling a bit too toasty after a while. This Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Lamp is going to help you feel professional while in your jammies. It has an angled design for the foam which will help you have proper posture while keeping the heat off of you, a flat space that can accommodate up to 18” laptops on its 19” surface area, as well as a wrist rest so you will be supported, and your laptop won’t constantly be falling into your gut.

There’s a detachable USB light that you can plug into either the lap desk or your laptop’s USB port. If you need all the ports for yourself and and plug it into the desk, you’ll need 4 AA batteries for it to do any good. Of course, this would also be great for drawing, reading, writing letters, or whatever other reason you might need to stay in bed longer. This is going to cost you $39.99, and will make leaving your bed harder than ever.

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