Memorex SimpleSave Backup DVDs

Memorex from Imation has something useful for folks who rely on digital cameras to preserve their upcoming summer memories – the Memorex SimpleSave Photo & Video Backup DVDs. This method offers an easy and hassle-free way to back up the images which are important to you, in addition to providing that extra peace of mind just in case a nasty PC crash happens. These DVDs are readily available, with the discs being record-once DVDs that feature pre-loaded software that is smart enough to find, organize and back up photo and video files on PCs and connected drives automatically. It is beginning to sound like magic, no? Since the software is auto launching, that eliminates the need to install any program, making SimpleSave a totally new way to back up content with almost no effort required.

Memorex SimpleSave Photo and Video Back-Up DVDs are an ideal solution for photography hobbyists, memory keepers, busy moms and anyone who owns a digital camera. In just one step, summer travelers can store an entire season of photographs on one DVD. Once inserted, the Memorex SimpleSave DVD automatically searches for photo and video files, and saves up to 2,000 photos on a single disc. For the happy snapper who took more photos this summer than a single disc can hold, the SimpleSave software will automatically alert them to how many discs are needed to back up all photo and video files. Advanced options also offer the choice to designate which file types should be located and saved, as Memorex SimpleSave discs recognize more than 40 different image and 50 video file formats.

Interested parties will be able to pick up the Memorex SimpleSave Photo & Video Back-Up DVDs are available in packs of five discs with slim storage cases for $14.99 a pack.

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