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MEDL introduces first portable 13″ LED monitor

We’ve see monitors progress from CRT to LCD and now, LED and perhaps even OLED if you are feeling rather generous in your pockets, but how many of those are truly portable? No sir, they sit on your desk all day long, and lugging one around would probably cause you a bad back in no time. Needless to say, those tiny USB-powered monitors don’t really count as portable, since they more or less act as a supplementary monitor instead of a primary one. MEDL Technology intends to change the way we do things with their device which is simply known as ‘The Panel’, where it boasts of being the first fully functional, portable LED monitor in the world. Now how about that – your very own portable LED monitor tucked right under your arm? Trippin’! Let us delve further into what MEDL’s The Panel offers in the extended post.

According to Eric Liao, CEO of MEDL Technology, “The technology wasn’t available previously to manufacture an elegant, lightweight and durable, portable display; but with The Panel, anyone can add a second or third monitor to their laptop and easily pack it up and go. Our vision is to make life easier for the laptop-toting public and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to launch our first product at DEMO.”

This multi-purpose, LED display will target both the business and consumer audiences by virtue of being the very first portable 13″ display. It definitely won’t weigh you down on your travels, since it is rougly the equivalent or lighter than current generation netbooks at 2.2 lbs., and is equally at home for work as well as play although we do wonder whether you are able to spot your enemies from a distance in an FPS with such a small (relatively speaking, of course) display unit. If you do not want to use this as a primary display, then you are more than welcome to have it function as a secondary display on your desktop for enhanced productivity. It is battery-operated, so you can basically bring it with you virtually anywhere for an impromptu presentation in any location. It plays nice with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems, and will stay connected to your computer via USB, booting up in under 10 seconds. Features include WXGA resolution and a five-hour battery life. No idea on pricing though.

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